Early Phase clinical studies are conducted with their focus on the future, in hopes of finding safer or more effective methods to screen for, prevent, diagnose, or treat a variety of diseases.

Essential to both research and treatment purposes; Phase I studies start at low doses based upon preclinical testing results and then escalate slowly while monitoring patients for side effects to determine the optimal dose for the treatment.

We understand that early phase trials are event-based and not ‘form’-based. Critical procedures are referenced to the dose coupled with a time intensity that is simply not present at other stages of clinical development.
The boundaries for safety and tolerability are being tested in a fast-paced environment that is prone to manual errors when it comes to the capturing and recording of critical information.

Instem Clinical has been at the forefront of early phase clinical trials for over a decade.

Having become the standard by which organizations across four continents accelerate and streamline clinical trial operations and services; we provide world-class software solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research organizations. Headquartered in London with Clinical support staff located both in the United Kingdom and the United States, Instem Clinical is well known for providing its customers with quality products that are developed following GCP regulatory requirements.

“Each and every day we help our clients in their mission to provide new drugs and broaden the treatment options available to patients while improving care and quality of life.”



Why Instem Clinical?

It all about seeing the world from our users’ perspectives…
Our staff has real clinical experience that spans decades, which is put into practice to support clients across 15 time zones. These subject matter experts have managed Phase I sites and clinics for both large Pharma and CROs, plus smaller independent sites. This combination of diverse and extensive hands-on experience is what positions the Instem Clinical planning, implementation and support teams as a market leading resource, adding significant value to the compelling ROI already offered by our software.

The Instem Clinical staff operates as an extension of our clients’ own deployment teams, advising on and helping drive process evolution and improvements while maximizing the return on their deployments.

All of this experience results in product functionality driven by clinical need. Every click, every entry, every automated process is focused on a specific measurable and improved outcome.

We keep clients focused on their science, not their software™.

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