For more than a decade, Instem Scientific has helped its pharmaceutical customers develop safer, more effective drugs with its blend of specialist software, knowledge bases and vocabulary products, backed up by a team of experienced scientific and IT professionals. Known for supplying fast, competent, practical and cost-effective solutions, we have now made enhancements to our data mining and analysis platforms making KnowledgeScan one of the most powerful solutions available today.

The KnowledgeScan™ Advantage

KnowledgeScan combines specialist investigators, powerful information technology, and transparent, systematic and comprehensive analytical workflows to provide a cost-effective alternative, or supplement, to your in-house capabilities.

KnowledgeScan concentrates the highest-quality information from the public domain, or your own studies, to address unexpected safety concerns that arise during drug development. Whether you have already encountered a toxicity issue, or you have a molecule or therapeutic target that you would like to profile before entering pre-clinical development, KnowledgeScan can help you make decisions in light of the most comprehensive intelligence available.

Key Features of the KnowledgeScan Solution Service

  • Specialist Information Scientists & Experts – the people conducting your investigation have experience and significant, relevant, domain knowledge. We also collaborate with industry experts: chemists, toxicologists, geneticists, pharmacologists and pathologists
  • Concealed intelligence revealed: we remodel the raw information from different data feeds to enable a much deeper, more “forensic” analysis for maximum insight
  • Transparent workflow: well-defined protocol, systematic, unbiased and comprehensive.  We report the facts, in a tangible, structured output, tailored to your requirements
  • Collaborative – we specify the enquiry together, so the investigation is perfectly aligned with your needs
  • Focused: we’ll address your specific issue and report the relevant information.
  • Validated - rigorous quality control and data accuracy are paramount to us
  • Confidential & Secure - always

KnowledgeScan diagram

KnowledgeScan combines data mining with powerful bio- and cheminformatic workflows to view safety issues from several different perspectives [image above]: the input (chemical, biologic, environmental); the system (target, tissue, species); and the output (pathology observation, biomarker, etc.).


“We are always impressed with how they can work their technology and reveal new insight that extends beyond what we could do manually” Dr Karen Maubach, BTG

Client Project Profile

Investigating spinal cord pathology during Phase II trials

A major pharmaceutical company observed highly localized spinal cord pathology for one of their compounds entering Phase II trials.  This unexpected finding was clearly a major concern, and posed a significant threat to the drug’s development.

The priority then was to carry out a thorough investigation to better understand why this finding might have occurred. They could have opted for number of conventional strategies:

  • Deploy their own staff to research the area using available resources such as PubMed, Google and text books.
  • Hire an external consultant to do a literature search.
  • Fund a PhD student to look into spinal cord pathology and its causes.

Instead, they decided to engage Instem Scientific.

Quickly, we were able to review and distil thousands of relevant information sources to provide the company with a clear and concise report around the potential causes of this pathology.

How did we do it?

First, our scientists worked with the company’s own experts to understand the issue and define the investigation - what to look for and where to look. Then we systematically searched a range of information sources, including MEDLINE and TOXNET, for critical information.

Our comprehensive search vocabularies and ontology software ensured that no reports were overlooked. From a vast corpus of potentially relevant information, our team of analysts probed for the potential causes of this highly specific spinal cord injury.

Then, we reported the findings ….

The analysis revealed no prior evidence of a drug leading to this highly-localized spinal injury, with more likely causes including infection, injury or compression. This independent, rapid and unbiased review enabled the company to respond promptly to the regulatory authorities.

This meant that the company had the relevant information to make an informed decision. Quickly. Concisely. Comprehensively.

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