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Preclinical Study Management

Empowering organizations of all sizes to more efficiently collect, review and manage preclinical safety evaluation study data in both GLP and Non-GLP environments
Explore our solutions:
Provantis® Suite
ACIS™ - Animal Care Information System
TRP™ - Toxicology Resource Planning
Cyto Study Manager
Comet Assay IV
Ames Study Manager
Sorcerer Colony Counter
NOTOCORD-hem™ Safety Pharmacology Solution


Early Phase Clinical Study Management

Cutting edge integrated Electronic Data Capture and site automation solutions driving the processes within early phase clinical studies
Explore our solutions:
Sample Tracking
eSource Data Capture
Data Management
ePro Patient Diary

eStudy Data and Regulatory Submissions Management

Software and services for converting, managing, storing, sharing and submitting information to FDA, EMA and other agencies.
Explore our solutions:
Submit™ tools and services for SEND
SENDView™ for simplified data review & QC checking
SEND Explorer - data visualization and analysis - NEW!
SENDTrial™ for Trial Design Creation - NEW!
Samarind RMS - Regulatory Information Management - NEW!

Big Data Analytics & Information Sciences

Allowing researchers to generate new scientific insights through the identification, extraction and analysis of actionable information
Explore our solutions:
KnowledgeScan Target Safety Assessment
SRS for bioinformatics & genomic data integration

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Virtual Demonstrations

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